Hardcore Holly Shares Who Were The “Rough” Workers During His WWE Run

During his run in the WWE, Bob “Hardcore” Holly, was known for being just that: Hardcore and a bit of a stiff worker.

So it’s interesting to hear that, during a recent episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, Holly himself has two wrestlers who he considered “rough”.

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Holly took part in a two-part interview on The Steve Austin Show where they talked about their time in the WWE locker room. The talk turned to who worked “rough” to which Holly had the following rather  answer: the late Test and Gene Snitsky.

“Gene Snitsky is like running into a brick wall. And when he hits you…” Holly recalls. “Gene was somebody, Snitsky, I enjoyed working with him but gosh dang, he was rough. I mean he really was. And Test was rough too.”

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Austin himself also shared a story about working with the then green and rough Test.

“It was a television taping, Monday Night RAW or something like that, and Test was fairly green. He was a big, tall, strong son of a b—h. He was strong and he was a big dude and he was strong. And all-of-a-sudden, he goes to send me into the ropes. And, dude, when I’m sending somebody into the ropes, I’m going to send their ass into the ropes, but Jesus Christ, this guy acted like he was trying to start a lawnmower that had been sitting in the yard for 15 years! He damn near yanked my left arm out of the damn socket,” recalls the Rattlesnake.

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Holly also named the superstars he really enjoyed working with during his time in the WWE. This included Austin himself along with Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Brock Lesnar.

As to being worked and working rough, Holly had this to say: “I was one of those guys where it’s like how I work with you is how you work with me. You can be as rough as you want. I don’t care. My whole thing was my nose and my teeth. That was the ‘no’ zone. If you knock my teeth out, guess what. We’re going to have a problem.”