Hardy Wives Exchange Harsh Tweets Over Jeff Hardy’s Arrest

Image via Twitter

Jeff Hardy, who has been absent from WWE television as he recovers from an injury, was recently arrested for an alcohol-related incident for the second time this year.

According to the police report, Jeff was pulled over during a traffic stop and aside from failing a field sobriety test it was also noted that he had a bloody nose.

Jeff admitted to taking two shots of vodka and told the officers that his bloody nose was from a fight with his wife Beth. The police charged Hardy for driving while impaired but also stated that they would not investigate the possibility of a domestic incident unless a complaint was filed.

Jeff is scheduled to appear in court to face his charges on November 7.

As we reported, his brother Matt Hardy originally commented that he loved his brother but he made “his own decisions about his life.”

On Saturday (October 13), Jeff’s wife Beth commented on the incident for the first time stating that Jeff and she were handling their business and lambasted “family” for making statements or releasing info.

“Jeff & I are handling our business. Hence no post from either of us about what happened. Going forward, if you don’t hear it from us, disregard it. We don’t need any ‘well wishes’ from ‘family,'” wrote Beth.

These statements did not sit well with her sister-in-law Reba who lambasted Beth about not respecting the strong bond between the brothers. She also accused Beth of protecting and enabling “a man who is well on his way to killing himself or someone else.”

Matt hasn’t directly commented on the exchange between his wife and sister-in-law but did respond to a fan who tweeted that it was a miracle that Matt, who had his own struggles with substance abuse, has stayed sober as long as he did.

According to Matt, it’s about priorities and it’s his regard for his health and family that have enabled him to become who he is now.

No word on what Jeff himself things of the drama in his family.