Has Matt Riddle Signed A Contract With WWE?

Image via lastwordonprowrestling.com

Matt Riddle has been one of the hottest Independent stars on the circuit for the past few years, with his unique MMA background, he has taken the wrestling world by storm and has easily been seen as someone that WWE is interested in. Riddle has been a name on WWE’s radar for a number of months, but he wasn’t someone that many fans thought would find his way to the company.

There have been reports over the past few days that WWE were looking to sign Riddle to a contract with NXT, but recently Brad Shepard of BodySlam.Net broke the news that the athletic star had finally signed with the biggest wrestling company in the world and is expected to appear as part of Takeover: Brooklyn next month.

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“Matt Riddle has signed. He pulled out of BOLA and some other independent shows. Trevor Lee is taking his place at the Battle of Los Angeles, which is September 14th. So he’ll probably make an appearance at Brooklyn/SummerSlam and if not he’s expected to start after that.” As reported by Ringsidenews.

There was talk of Matt Riddle signing a deal with  New Japan Pro Wrestling a few months ago, but it appears that WWE has been able to talk him into signing a deal with them instead given this latest news. A number of huge names have been able to redefine themselves in NXT over the past few years and it’s obvious that given his stature and ability, Riddle will be a hot commodity at Full Sail University and will easily be able to climb his way up to that prestigious Championship in the coming months.