Has WWE Found Shinsuke Nakamura’s Next Challenger?

Tye Dillinger
Image via TheChairshot.com

Shinsuke Nakamura finally has a Championship on the main roster and even though it isn’t the WWE Championship, he is looking to make the United States Championship great again. The former NXT Champion has held the title since Extreme Rules when he defeated Jeff Hardy and The Enigma then moved into a feud with Randy Orton.

Interestingly, The United States Champion was kept off the card at Hell in a Cell and isn’t set to defend his title in Australia, which means that his most recent title defense came on SmackDown last week against Rusev before Aiden English decided to attack his teammate.

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Many fans believed that Rusev could be Nakamura’s next challenger for the United States title heading into Survivor Series, but since Rusev Day imploded, he has had his hands full, which means that Nakamura will be looking for a new challenger.

The Champion recently updated a tweet about “Making NakAmerica Great Again” where Tye Dillinger responded to tell him that “someone needs to pledge a foot in your ass.”

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The fact that WWE retweeted Tye Dillinger’s response means that the company wanted the WWE Universe to see it and could be planning on letting Dillinger challenge Nakamura in the coming weeks.

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The Perfect 10 was once one of the most popular stars in NXT but in recent months he has been relegated to backstage segments and jobbing to up and coming stars, which could be why WWE is finally handing him something in terms of competition.

It would be nice for Dillinger to be given a shot at the United States Championship, even if he comes up short, it allows him to have some TV time.