Who does HBK Want To See In The WWE?

One of the more underrated wrestling podcasts out there is X-Pac 12360. On the most recent episode, he X-Pac was joined by his fellow Kliq member, Shawn Michaels.

During the interview, part of the conversation was about who Shawn Michaels would like to see in the WWE and like most people, he said The Young Bucks (while also mentioning, Kenny Omega) He made the point that he would like to see them in the WWE so they could perform on the largest stage possible. He mentions that they probably have great deals where they are, but that they could really shine in the WWE.

This really is a great interview where he talks about MMA fighter, James Vick using a superkick in fight, working at the performance center and if he really is “retired”. If you are a Shawn Michaels fan make sure you give it a listen. Sadly, it really does sound like the chances of one more match are pretty much gone.