“He Brings Nothing to the Table. He Doesn’t Add to the Show” – Vince Russo Shoots on Adam Pearce and WWE

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently talked to Sportskeeda’s Chris Featherstone. Among other things, Russo talked about Adam Pearce and his authority role in WWE.

Vince bashed WWE for using Pearce as an authority figure in the company when most casual fans don’t know about him. Russo believes there were other people who could’ve taken up that role but WWE made a critical mistake there.

“Well, Chris, everything you laid out about Adam Pearce… the problem is the problem is that there is not one casual fan in the world that knows who Adam Pearce is. I don’t know Adam Pearce’s track record. I don’t care to know Adam Pearce’s track record. All I know is, I’m saying to myself, why am I looking at somebody that looks like just a regular guy like somebody who I’d never ever care about.”

“Why am I watching this guy when there are so many dozens and dozens of people out there with personality that we do know they could put in that role. I don’t know why this guy’s in the role. Bro, with all due respect, you know I’m sure Adam Pearce is a great guy but bro it’s freaking paint drying. Like, why do I care about this guy?”

The controversial WWE writer also said that Pearce doesn’t bring anything to the table and he doesn’t see a single reason to care about him.

“Adam Pearce has been on TV… first of all they never established it, they never introduced us to him, they never told us how he got in that spot and for as long as he’s been in that spot, I could give two cr**s about him. He brings nothing to the table. He doesn’t add to the show.”