“He Thinks He’s Too Big of a Star”- Bobby Lashley on Why Brock Lesnar Rejected a Match Against Him

Bobby Lashley has been looking to test his mettle against former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar since he made his return to WWE back in 2018.

The former MMA star thought that it would be an interesting match given their similar backgrounds, but despite rumors that the match could take place, it’s still yet to happen.

Lashley recently appeared on Pete Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat Podcast where he revealed that Brock Lesnar doesn’t believe he’s a big enough star which is why the match is yet to happen.

“You know, I’ve heard a couple of different things, which I think is completely obnoxious, I think it’s ridiculous. I’ve heard this one time, maybe he thinks he’s too big of a star. Because if you think about it, look who he usually goes against.”

“He’ll come back in and see who’s hot. ‘Oh, Kofi’s hot, I’ll get Kofi. Oh, Drew’s hot. Let me get him.’ It kind of takes away from the fact of what the fans want. Fans have been [wanting this match] since I began wrestling.”

Lashley also noted that he had said around five words to Brock Lesnar and he believes that people within WWE are trying to keep them apart.

“I’ve never talked to Brock, I don’t even know Brock really well. So, it’s usually through his advocate or someone else that you can even get any kind of dialogue. So, I’m not the one to ask that question. It’s those other guys, ’cause I’m ready.’”

“I’ve maybe exchanged a total of 5 words with Brock – ever. And, another thing is, I never met Brock until probably like 2 years ago in Saudi [Arabia]. I didn’t even know he was there, I walked passed gorilla and was like ‘hey, hey’ and that was it. We shook hands, and that was about it.’”

“Since then, there’s been a few other times, he’s come and it was just in passing, ‘Hey Brock, what’s going on, what’s going on.’ We shook hands, boom. We ‘know’ each other, but I think there’s people that have tried to keep us apart.”