Heat With Vince McMahon Caused Arn Anderson’s Firing From WWE

Image via Stillrealtous

Arn Anderson was fired from WWE last week. Proud member of the original Four Horsemen alongside Ric Flair, Anderson recently had an incident with Vince McMahon that is believed to have been the reason behind his firing.

On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed:

Arn got fired. Everyone is pretty much keeping quiet on what it was but it was an incident with Vince.”

“I know people who were siding with Arn, I know people siding with Vince. I don’t know the whole details of the incident other than it was something at a house show that evidently wasn’t handled well and Arn took the blame for that.”

“Arn and Vince were not really on the best of terms. There had been a lot of situations over the years and one particular one, not too long ago.”

However, the long-time now-ex WWE employee seemingly remains unaffected by his sudden firing.

“I heard Arn was not broken up about it.”

Anderson’s firing is a clear sign that WWE has moved on from John Cena. The Hall Of Famer was The Champ’s personal agent in the company and he wouldn’t have been fired had Cena still been a full-time Superstar in WWE.

“The boys looked up to Arn because he would go to bat for us,” said WrestlingNews‘ source. “Double A would always speak his mind and sometimes that would rub people in management the wrong way so I’m always grateful because there aren’t many people like him willing to put their neck out.”

Anderson’s departure has definitely carved a deep scar in WWE despite the fact that the company is bringing back several legends for backstage roles.