Heath Slater: “Communication in Impact is Amazing Compared to WWE”

Heath Slater left WWE in April and joined Impact Wrestling as soon as he was done with his non-compete clause.

Slater has been pretty vocal about his tenure with WWE and has revealed several interesting tidbits from time to time regarding his stay with WWE, which lasted for more than a decade.

Slater recently spoke with WrestlingNews.co‘ podcast Battleground and had great praise for Impact’s management and their communication with the talents.

Slater compared it with WWE, where he would go days before getting replies to emails, or not get answers to his questions.

“I can honestly say the communication there is amazing. Other places you would have to send an email and never hear back and if you go talk, you never get an answer. At Impact, it’s like one of those places where you can go right up to the Bossman and say, `Hey, this is what I think, this is what I think we should do,’ and then he’ll throw something and then you’ll throw something and then next you thing you know, you come to a 50/50 solution here to where it works for both teams.”

Slater is certainly enjoying his run with Impact, despite there being questions regarding his contract with the company. It was rumored that he doesn’t have a full-time offer with the promotion yet, but it should come anytime soon.