Heath Slater: “Nexus Was Supposed to Win Against Team Cena Until Four Hours Before the PPV”

Heath Miller, formerly known as Heath Slater in WWE, is currently wrestling in Impact and has given some interesting tidbits regarding his long tenure with WWE.

Slater was released in April after more than a decade with the company and spoke with David Penzer on ‘Sitting Ringside’ podcast.

He discussed the highly infamous Nexus angle, which is often seen as the biggest burial in WWE history.

Slater revealed that Nexus was scheduled to win the match, and Chris Jericho and Edge (who were on Team Cena), had laid down the structure for the match as well. However, just four hours before the show, the plans changed, and eventually the NXT Season 1 roster took the loss at SummerSlam 2010.

“When we got there, we were going over. Then 4 hours before we go live, we were not. Something happened. Someone went in there. Everyone points the fingers at JC and all that.., but who really knows what happened. Vince may have changed his mind. Who knows?”

“I know that we were winning. Jericho and Edge pretty much structured it to where we were and it was great and then it never happened.”