Heath Slater Reveals That He Had His 24/7 Championship Pitch Rejected

Image via WWE

Heath Slater is someone that has become popular with the WWE Universe over the past few years since he has been held down by WWE throughout his career. The former member of 3MB is currently the only star out of the group who hasn’t been pushed as a main event caliber star since WWE seemingly saw the error of their ways with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.

While both stars left WWE and later returned to a huge push, Slater has remained part of WWE but has stayed on the mid-card level throughout with his biggest storyline coming when he was left undrafted in 2016 WWE Draft.

This led to the return of Rhyno and allowed the two stars to pick up the SmackDown Tag Team Championships the first time these titles were unveiled. Slater has seemingly been pushed back into his usual position following this storyline, but he recently revealed on Twitter that he had a way to fix this.

The 24/7 Championship has easily become a running joke on WWE TV since R-Truth is now in his 24th reign and the format sees him lose the title on a regular basis to some form of celebrity before picking it back up before the end of the week. Slater wanted to correct this and recently revealed on Social Media that he pitched an angle for the title so that it could once again go viral the way it did when there was a feud between Drake Maverick and R-Truth, but WWE rejected the angle.

Slater didn’t reveal what the idea was that he pitched, but it had to be better than the fact that WWE allowed another celebrity to become Champion last night on RAW, but Truth won back the title when the show went off the air for the 24th time.