Heath Slater Talks WWE Release, Feeling Burned Out

After 14 years with WWE, Heath Slater was one of the recently released talents due to cost-cutting efforts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Slater admitted that it had been hard to realize that he was out of a job, he’s going to be making the best of it and is looking forward to a little break.

“Of course, it sucks getting released or fired,” said Slater. “But, when I say this, it’s like people don’t understand that I was there for 14 straight years.”

According to Slater, he made the best of those 14 years, never being “stupid with my money” and he still believes he had a good career.

“Yes, I didn’t become World Champ, or hell, not even IC Champ,” noted Slater.  “But it’s one of those things like when you look at it and analyze it all, dude, I had one hell of a run.”

“It was awesome and fun. I got to meet so many new people, you know, make relationships. It wasn’t a bad experience for me,” he added.

Slater also noted that he’s looking forward to a little break as he had begun to feel burnt out.

Slater talked about not necessarily being given big storylines but still “sinking his teeth” into everything that was given to him and giving his all. According to Slater, it had begun to get tiring.

He’s also looking forward to the opportunity to work elsewhere as he pointed out most of his career since he was 23 was spent in WWE or WWE-related production.

“I want to dip my toes into hell, AEW, NJPW, Impact, ROH and NWA, I’m serious, I just want to go and have a good time,” said Slater.

“I’m going to come back with a new look. I’m going to be in the gym ’cause let’s be honest, I did get out of shape, and I’m going to have new music too that my buddy is making me. So, I’m going to hit the ground running when I can, but I just want to have some fun and go to these companies and work with whoever would like to work with me,” he added.