Heel WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Is Brock Lesnar’s New Opponent For Survivor Series

Daniel Bryan turned heel on Tuesday night as he captured the WWE Championship ending AJ Styles’ lengthy 371-day title reign.

The Survivor Series Champion vs. Champion match featuring Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles for the second time in a row has now been changed to Lesnar vs. Bryan. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise for WWE had pulled off a final minute shocker last year when Styles captured the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal, thus replacing the Modern Day Maharaja to face The Beast at Survivor Series.

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This week’s episode of SmackDown Live kicked off with a segment featuring Styles, Bryan and Paul Heyman (in the audience). The legendary Advocate fueled the fire as he declared that Bryan is the best pro-wrestler and Styles is second to him. The Phenomenal One would then go on to remind the audience how he made Bryan tap out a couple of weeks ago prior to WWE Crown Jewel.

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This led Bryan to walk out to the ring and brawl with Styles.  A pull-apart wasn’t enough as Commissioner Shane McMahon announced a WWE Championship match for the main event of the show. Deep into the match, the referee took an accidental shot from Styles and Bryan would then turn heel as he nailed a low blow on P1 to finish things off with a running knee and capture the WWE Championship.

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Although Styles was the favorite to slay The Beast this year, that won’t happen for a heel Bryan will now be going head to head with Lesnar on October 18. Post-match, the newly crowned WWE Champion continued to assault Styles and didn’t bother to drop any comment in his backstage interview.

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Bryan also had his official photoshoot post-show.

It is being speculated that Bryan would be taking a bunch of suplexes this Sunday but is expected to be fine for WWE can’t afford to lose yet another top Superstar at this juncture.

For what it’s worth, on the very night Vince McMahon and Triple H are absent from the building, Daniel Bryan captured the WWE Championship.