Hefty Ticket Prices For WWE Super Show-Down Have Been Revealed

Super Show-Down ticket price
Image via WWE.com

WWE presents Super Show-Down live from Melbourne, Australia this Saturday and whilst many American fans will be forced to tune in at 5am if they want to watch it live, the timing of the show isn’t the biggest issue for the fans on the other side of the world.

WWE opted to present the show from Melbourne Cricket Ground and have been pushing for the 100,000 seat arena to be sold out. Many reports have suggested that tickets for the show aren’t exactly selling well and there could be a reason for this.

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Ticketek recently revealed the prices for the remaining tickets for the show, and from category one which is the front row all the way to category four, the prices are $1016, $686, $324 and $216.

It’s obvious that WWE has put a lot of hype into this show and there is the pull of seeing Undertaker vs Triple H for the very last time as well as Kane and Shawn Michaels in person, but other than the main event much of the card reads like a glorified house show.

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The only Championships that are on the line are the WWE Championship, SmackDown Women’s, the Cruiserweight and the SmackDown Tag Team Championships since there are a number of tag team matches and Shinsuke Nakamura doesn’t even feature on the card, which means his title won’t be defended.

Category 2-6 are all triple figures, whilst fans would have to scroll all the way back to category 7 to find a seat that only costs double figures.

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It’s a hard balance for WWE since the company wants to make money from the show but they don’t want to lift the ticket prices so much that fans are put off.

With their huge show in Saudi Arabia coming up WWE will be more focused on selling tickets for November 2nd’s show, but at the same time it’s also worth considering the fact that we are just days away from the event and these are the last minute tickets which could have had more fees added to them.