“He’s a Bully, You Know, I Think He’s a Really Big Bully” – Former WWE Wrestler Justin Credible Takes Shot at JBL

JBL was infamous for bullying other WWE wrestlers during his time in the company. Even now, JBL occasionally bullies people in WWE, and most recently, former NXT broadcaster Mauro Ranallo accused the wrestler of bullying him. 

Former WWE wrestler Justin Credible recently gave an interview to The Hannibal TV and among other things, he talked about “big bully” JBL.

Justin took a jab at the WWE Hall of Famer and expressed his disappointment that wrestlers had to work with people like him. 

“He’s a bully, you know, I think he’s a really big bully. I think, back in the day, he’s what the problem was with pro wrestling. Guys like him were a problem. Guys like JBL are the problem. He would bully, he would say things and do things that you couldn’t get away with today. He was just a mean spirited dude and that’s all I could say. He’s just not a good person.”

Credible is best known for his run in ECW and was also undefeated for some time during his spell here. He also worked for WWE for many years before returning to the independent circuit and retired in 2017.