Hillbilly Jim Is The Next Inductee Into The 2018 Hall Of Fame

You better not go messin with the country boy this year when WrestleMania rolls into New Orleans as a favorite from the Rock N Wrestling era, Hillbilly Jim is being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Hillbilly Jim was a pretty big name in the 80’s. He actually made his debut when he came in to make the save for Hulk Hogan so clearly the WWE had big plans for him right from the start. He was a huge man and he was very entertaining. During the mid 90’s he was paired with the Godwin’s and served as their manager. No matter what he was doing, Hillbilly Jim was a great character and a perfect fit for that Rock N Wrestling era.

He has appeared at various WWE events over the year and was part of the reality show WWE Legends House on the WWE Network.