Hornswoggle Reveals He Was Scheduled to Appear at Backlash Last Year

Hornswoggle was a comedic character in WWE for several years, before he was terminated from his contract a few years ago. He has made cameos from time-to-time in the company though, and one of these almost came at Backlash 2020.

While speaking to ComicBook, Swoggle revealed that WWE flew him into the Performance Center for the PPV, but ended up nixing that segment.

Swoggle was scheduled to appear during the Street Profits-Viking Raiders match, but external factors prevented that from happening.

“No one knows this because it never aired, but I was flown to the Performance Center to film a segment on Backlash during the Street Profit and Viking Raiders match that just never made it to air.”

“It’s just we just never got to film it because we ran out of time and the weather was not in our favor. It just started sideways raining out, so we didn’t get to shoot any of that segment.”

The segment between the two tag teams was quite bizarre, which featured the debut of Akira Tozawa’s ninjas. Both the teams brawled all over the arena before a tentacle attacked them.

Swoggle is currently in Impact Wrestling, and made a fun cameo in AEW, during Inner Circle’s Las Vegas tour. He will surely be a part of more such cross-overs, with Impact and AEW teaming up.