How Eric Bischoff’s WWE Role Differs From Paul Heyman’s, Updates On His Involvement On SmackDown Live This Week

This week's SmackDown Live was officially Bischoff's first episode since his return

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WWE’s new Executive Directors Paul Heyman (Monday Night RAW) and Eric Bischoff (SmackDown Live) have taken office, as fans look forward to treating themselves with the fresh storylines and edgier product coming straight from the two icons.

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard revealed that although both men hold the same position in WWE, their internal roles largely differ from one another’s.

Paul is involved in the creative aspect, he is. His role is different from Eric’s at least right now. Again, the difference is that Heyman’s been in the company forever and Heyman has still even been doing some helping with the talent before this promotion.”

“So, you know he’s more integrated with what WWE is like today and for Eric Bischoff it’s really been decades so he’s got a big learning curve from that standpoint, but obviously, [Bischoff] has the huge experience from a producer and an executive standpoint running a show for a major network so that’s where he’s really going to be a big help.”

This week’s SmackDown Live was officially Bischoff’s first episode since his return.

“I was told that Eric would be involved in one or two segments tonight. Obviously, not on TV, but working with them backstage, but you know he’s just not getting into this. He’s just coming back to the company he’s certainly not in charge in all of that which I think anybody would tell you so. It’s gonna take time before he fully integrates and again, initially he’s not going to be in charge of creative and be heavily involved in doing everything from a creative standpoint.”