How Much Did Steve Austin-Booker T Brawl Cost WWE?

One of the most iconic brawls in WWE history was the one between Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin which took place inside a grocery store. After the invasion of WCW superstars in WWE, Austin became one of the top babyfaces and immediately went after the newest WWE employee Booker T.

Bruce Prichard, who worked backstage for WWE at that time, talked about that brawl in the latest episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast, and answered a few questions about how the whole thing went through.

According to Prichard, the whole brawl wasn’t as expensive as many felt it would be, and only cost a few thousand dollars to the company. The fact that it took place inside a real store helped the matters, as they avoided the costs of recreating a whole store on a TV set.

“Yeah, I’d probably add up the food and repairing a few things. It wasn’t that expensive.When you look at the costs of trying to recreate that in another world, actually being able to go into a grocery store and for them to allow us, the use of their store gave you that sense of reality. It didn’t look like Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network or anything like that. It was a real grocery store. They were kind enough to open their doors to us. Let us shoot that segment with Booker and Stone Cold. But it probably cost a few thousand dollars.”

The scene is part of several such iconic moments from the Attitude Era involving Stone Cold, who once beat up Vince McMahon in a hospital, brought a truck full of beer, among other things.

The current WWE landscape is devoid of such eventful backstage drama, and a small dose of outlandish segments like this will help WWE to connect with the fans in a better way.