How Rusev Day Came into Being, Jeff Hardy Wants to Face The Fiend

Rusev Day was one of WWE’s hottest acts in 2017-18, but unfortunately, both the members involved in that team are now no longer on WWE’s payroll. Rusev and his good buddy Aiden English had a stellar run together, which culminated in a WWE championship match for Rusev and several tag-team title opportunities for the duo.

Aiden English recently spoke on Inside the Ropes and revealed the genesis of the famous Rusev Day. English said he was merely out there to perform the national anthem during Ruesv’s crowning, during his feud with Randy Orton. However, the backstage officials loved the reaction to the segment and asked English to continue his singing sessions.

“As far as I know, that’s literally all it was supposed to be, this kind of crazy ceremony. Randy interferes, drop, boom, him and Rusev carry on and that was it, I was back to whatever I was doing. But it got such a good response both in the arena and social and everything that they’re like, ‘Well, let’s do something next week. ’

Rusev Day eventually became the hottest act in WWE, and his merchandise was #1 seller on WWEShop. The duo had to sadly breakup after Lana and English’s storyline affair came to light, following which English largely moved into a commentary role.

One of the individuals who won’t be joining the MITB card is Jeff Hardy, who very recently made his return from injury on SmackDown. WWE is currently running video packages for Hardy, who is reportedly in line for a big push soon.

Hardy appeared on the After The Bell podcast and spoke about a potential matchup against The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Hardy said he already has some unique plans for the matchup, if it happens, and wants to enter the Firefly Fun House.

“I’d love to work with The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. I’ve got some crazy cool ideas and Beth (my wife) helped me with this one. I was like ‘what if there was something like the Twilight Zone?”

“‘Like what if we do something like he beats me and takes me under the ring and all of a sudden I’m in the Fun House and it’s like a black and white TV and it’s like the Twilight Zone.’

Wyatt does have a history with Hardy’s brother, Matt, who had pushed Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation during their Ultimate Deletion matchup. Wyatt coming back to haunt Jeff will be a fantastic feud and could help Jeff jump back into the main-event scene.