Huge Title Change Takes Place At SmackDown 1000

SmackDown 1000 exceeded all expectations when it comes to integrating some of the biggest legends from the history of the show into the present storylines. Edge hosted the Cutting Edge and was able to bait Becky Lynch into using his career-ending neck injury against him, whilst The McMahon’s kicked off the show by dancing on Truth TV.

WWE decided to mark the occasion by handing The Bar a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships whilst Hall of Famer’s Booker T and Jerry Lawler were on commentary.

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The Bar was able to shockingly pick up the victory after The Big Show gave them the perfect distraction when he turned heel and attacked Kofi Kingston. Cesaro and Sheamus have never lifted the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, so this is their first reign with the titles.

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The Big Show has turned heel so many times over the past few years that this wasn’t the most shocking part of the show, but it is unknown as to where this leaves The New Day now and whether or not WWE will give them their rematch at the upcoming Crown Jewel event.

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The SmackDown Tag Team Championships are already on the line at Starrcade in Ohio on November 24th, but that’s five weeks away so it’s likely that the company could decide to give them their rematch much sooner.

There have also been questions raised as to whether or not a new faction was formed between The Bar and The Big Show and with Survivor Series on the horizon, it’s likely that this trio could be getting ready to face The New Day as part of a traditional elimination match.