Huge Update On The In-Ring Future Of The Big Show

The Big Show has been seen as The World’s Largest Athlete for so long now that many of the WWE Universe can’t remember WWE before the former World Champion. Big Show hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since September 2017 when he was thrown through a steel cage by Braun Strowman.

The Monster Among Men’s match was scripted this way so that The Big Show could be written off WWE TV to undergo a much-needed hip surgery. The surgery was a success and Show took to Twitter last year to show off the scar that he will now wear for the rest of his life.

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Hip surgery is something that usually sidelines athletes for a long period of time and it appears that The Big Show is still expected to be out of action for a while, which is why The Wrestling Observer is reporting that he is now working as an Ambassador for WWE whilst his body recovers.

The star himself has expressed a desire to return to the ring in the future when he can be cleared by the medical team but right now WWE doesn’t have any immediate plans for the World’s Largest Athlete, which is why he has been appearing as part of the promotional team for Connor’s Cure for the past few weeks

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Big Show is a sure-fire future Hall of Famer but he’s someone who will never be happy whilst he’s out of the ring, which is why he’s still pushing for WWE to allow him to make his return, but until there is something for the former World Champion to do storyline wise, the company won’t allow him to step back into the ring.