HUGE Victory: Jury Rules In Favor Of CM Punk & Colt Cabana In Legal Battle Against WWE Dr. Chris Amann

The jury verdict in the case of WWE Dr. Chris Amann vs. CM Punk (Phillip Jack Brooks) & Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) came sooner than expected. The closing arguments took place on June 5, 2018 and the final verdict came was pronounced at approximately 3:30 PM Central/ 4:30 PM Eastern or about 2 hours after the closing arguments. The case went in favour of Punk and Cabana on all counts and as per the jury, neither of the two pro-wrestlers will have to pay anything.

The closing arguments witnessed WWE Dr. Chris Amann’s side argued that Punk and Cabana should be liable for $4 million in damages, or $1 for every person that downloaded the infamous Art Of Wrestling podcast that aired on Thanksgiving Day in 2014.

The main dispute was regarding a lump on Punk’s back. It turns out that the lump was on his backside and AJ Lee, Cabana and Punk’s massage therapist testified and claimed that they saw it. The plaintiff’s side tried to bring down Punk’s solid defence stating that Amann had been severely defamed through the comments made by Punk and Cabana on the podcast. The specific claim was that Punk “repeatedly and falsely impugned the integrity” of Amann. Cabana was accused of aiding Punk “falsely depict” Amann in a negative light through his podcast.

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WWE was handling the legal fees of Amann while Punk and Cabana were believed to have borne their legal fees out of their own pockets. Amann is still employed with WWE.

The longest reigning WWE Champion of The Modern Era at 434 days, CM Punk will be making his return to The Octagon against Mike Johnson on June 9, 2018 at UFC 225.

You can read the closing arguments in details here.