Huge WrestleMania Match May Have To Be Canceled Following Triple H’s Injury

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Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunited in Saudi Arabia to take on The Brothers of Destruction and even though D-Generation X managed to pick up the win, it came at a cost for Triple H, who has been forced to undergo surgery for what is believed to be a pectoral tear.

The Game took a huge bump over the top rope and out of the ring mid-way through the match and was still able to finish and help Michaels pick up the win, but this could have cost him his WrestleMania position.

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It has been heavily rumored that Triple H will take on Batista at WrestleMania 35 after The Animal hinted at a match between the two stars back at SmackDown 1000. The fact that Triple H is now being forced to undergo surgery just five months before WrestleMania doesn’t bode well for The Game, which is something that Dave Meltzer recently discussed on The Wrestling Observer.

“So he’s probably having surgery. I think he went right to Birmingham so he’s probably having surgery. If it is a torn pec and he’s having surgery — he’s out of WrestleMania which means the Batista/ Triple H match which was the main event of that show — you gotta change your plans,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Triple H is the COO of WWE as well as an on-screen character, which means his off-screen duties will take precedence over anything he needs to do on-screen.

This isn’t the first time that Triple H has returned from injury in his career and if he’s able to then Triple H will push himself to be ready for face Batista in time, but he isn’t a young superstar anymore and it’s more than likely that WWE will have to reshuffle the card to allow Triple H to work a much lighter match or not be part of the show at all.