Hulk Hogan Explains Why He Chose The Leg Drop As His Finisher

Hogan first used the leg drop in Japan

Image via Twitter

Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest legends that WWE has ever created. He travels to the Middle East next week to be part of one of the company’s exhibition matches at Crown Jewel which will see him and Ric Flair battle it out in a five vs five tag team match.

Hogan’s leg drop finish is one of the most iconic in wrestling history, and one that is regularly copied by many of the wrestlers of today. The WWE Hall of Famer recently appeared on WWE Network show The Story Of where he was finally able to open up about the reasons why he chose to adopt that move as his finisher.

“When I dropped the leg, and nobody kicked out, it meant something. In the arena nowadays—in professional wrestling—if somebody used a leg drop for a finish, you’d probably have to come off the top of the building to get your opponent to stay down.”

Hogan first used the leg drop in Japan, which is when he realized that he was on to something and decided to bring it back to the states.

He stated that it was when he first delivered it, he thought: “‘Oh my gosh, I might be on to something here.’”

“So when I brought it back to the States and I started dropping the leg drop, I’d started entertaining the crowd with my look and all this stuff, so they were with me with what I was doing. So when I dropped the leg and the referee started counting, it was like a cannon: one, two, three. So I knew I was onto something. But it was just my luck that I dropped the leg drop in Japan and got the reaction that I did, so I just stuck with it,” he said via SEScoops.