Hulk Hogan Names Kevin Owens As Next Breakout Star, Disappointed About John Cena Not Being In The Title Picture

Hogan noted that he was impressed with a lot of the current talent

Image via Twitter

Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan appeared on WWE RAW Reunion and closed the show with other big-time legends, namely Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX and others.

Hogan is one of the elite legends besides Flair, Austin and The Rock to have achieved super-stardom in the pro wrestling industry. Out of all the promising talent currently treading WWE’s waters, certain people are catching The Hulkster’s eye as their next breakout star.

During a recent interview with ESPN, The Hulkster was asked which Superstar, according to him, could potentially become the next breakout star in WWE.

“When I see all the young guys coming up it’s just hard to tell, because there are so many of them that are fighting to grab that brass ring,” said Hogan via WrestlingInc.

It turns out that hot babyface Kevin Owens is Hogan’s man despite AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre and Ricochet being worthy contenders.

“You’ve got the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ [Drew McIntyre] that’s running around like a crazy man. Of course you’ve got AJ Styles. Then you’ve got Ricochet, who’s making an impression on everyone. I’m still betting on Kevin Owens, he’s my boy.

‘The Immortal’ further revealed that John Cena is his favorite Superstar although he is a bit upset with the fact that The Franchise Player is no longer in the world title picture due to his back-to-back Hollywood commitments.

While Hogan and his peers took the credit for the closing segment on RAW Reunion, it was Cena who, at the personal request of Vince McMahon, had kicked off the special show on Monday night.

“I’m a huge John Cena fan. He’s my favourite wrestler. He’s doing a lot of movies, so I’m disappointed that I can’t throw John Cena back into the picture for the world title.”

Cena is not even a part-timer in the true sense of the term; in fact, he is yet to wrestle his first match since January.