Hulk Hogan Names Matt Riddle the Next Breakout Star in WWE

In an international media call to promote Raw Legends Night, Hulk Hogan talked about the breakout star from NXT.

The Hulkster praised Kevin Owens and said that he was one of the wrestlers who he liked.

“Then I saw Kevin Owens and I thought ‘Wow, that’s the guy. That’s the guy. You know, he can be the next one if he’s given the opportunity.'”

After Hogan was done praising Owens, he shifted his attention to Matt Riddle. The WWE legend said that Riddle will become the next breakout star from NXT.

“Right now there’s another guy that’s stumbling into that situation. You know, acting like he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s smart as hell, Hogan said. That’s the ‘Bro’, Riddle, who kicks his flip-flops off when he comes into the ring.”

Although Hogan admitted that Riddle’s timing is a little off, he also said that the superstar improves himself each week and he’s the next wrestler he would put his money on.

“I’ve been watching him and he’s really got good instincts. He’s really got a good aptitude for understanding what needs to be done, you know. It’s all about instincts and timing. ‘His timing is off a little bit but it’s starting to come each and every week so, I mean, he would be the next one I’d put my money on.’”

WWE seems to have big plans for Riddle as they have signed him into a new contract recently.