Hulk Hogan Reveals Conversations With Chris Hemsworth on His Biopic

Hulk Hogan’s eventful life will be developed into a biopic on Netflix, and the megastar will be portrayed by Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Hemsworth.

The Thor actor has put on even more muscle to play the former WWE Champion and is in constant touch with Hogan.

Hogan spoke with ESPN, ahead of his return on RAW Legends Night, and revealed the talks that he has had with the Australian actor.

Hemsworth is willing to spend as much time as possible with Hogan but currently has only spoken with him on the phone.

“We haven’t gotten to that point yet. We did talk on the phone when he decided to do the movie, and he said he wanted to be around me as much as he can to study me and see what makes me tick. And I was like, ‘Brother, you’re going to be surprised.’ [Laughs] He’s a lot taller than I thought he was, around 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4. He’s in crazy shape. I keep on telling him that the only problem is that he’s not really good-looking enough to play me in a movie.”

Hogan also praised Hemsworth’s shape but jokingly remarked that the actor isn’t as nearly as handsome as he is.

Hogan’s storied career saw several moments that are etched in the professional wrestling community’s memories forever, and Hemsworth will surely look to leave no stone unturned to bring Hulkamania to the big screen.