“I am Absolutely Fuming” – Nikki Cross Vents About Current WWE Booking in Twitter Video

Nikki Cross was once one of the stars of Monday Night Raw alongside Alexa Bliss and is even a former Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Cross’s fortunes have taken quite a turn in recent months since the former NXT star has found herself out of favor with WWE’s booking team.

Bliss has been pushed into a new role alongside The Fiend, and while it appeared as though Cross could become part of the story as well, this hasn’t been the case.

With just one episode of Raw until the Royal Rumble, Nikki Cross hasn’t been able to announce her participation and hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV this year.

The former Champion recently released a video on Twitter where she was finally able to vent her frustrations at her current booking and even tagged WWE in the update.

“Honestly I wouldn’t even try and talk to me today, because you’re not gonna get that big smile of mine that you always get today. Because I’m angry and annoyed and I don’t want to talk about new years resolutions or finding my happy place. The Royal Rumble is right around the corner and I have zero momentum going into it. I have no momentum to even win it so I’m absolutely fuming and the only thing that’s stopping me from getting even more angry is focusing on this ring and being the best I can be in this ring.”

Cross went on to vent about her ability and made it clear that she would be around this business for a long time to come.