“I Didn’t Expect to Go Over at All” – Former Intercontinental Champion Reveals How He Beat Hulk Hogan Clean

Hulk Hogan was the biggest wrestling name in the 80s and 90s. Nobody came close to Hogan’s immense popularity and this is why he had a lot of say in his matches as well.

Wrestling promoters always wanted him to perform at their shows but Hogan never wanted to lose. Most of the time it wasn’t an issue but, sometimes, when other wrestlers needed to win the match, Hogan would refuse.

This is why Hogan also had a heated relationship with his colleagues. Jacques Rougeau was one of the wrestlers who pinned Hogan clean, and recently the former WCW star talked about his match against Hulk.

Rougeau revealed that it was Hogan’s idea to lose against him in his hometown, Montreal. However, Jacques also noted that despite getting a clean victory over the biggest wrestling star of all time, the crowd still cheered for Hogan more than him.

“It was amazing. It was in front of all the boys in Montreal when it happened that night. I didn’t expect to go over at all. I was just happy to be in the ring with him and I was just hoping that he would make me look good in my hometown before he beat me up.”

“When we got in the dressing room, Harlem Heat was there, a lot of guys were there in the dressing room. Ric Flair and a lot of guys were there and he just came out in front of everybody and he says, ‘Well Jacques, what are we doing tonight?’. I started laughing really loud, he got me, it must have been pressure releasing or something. I said, ‘Very funny Hulk, very funny, so what do you want to do? How do we do this?’ and he said, ‘You’re the boss’.”

“It was my show, I booked that show. I was still laughing and then I realized that he was serious, that he wanted me to go over. That will be a mystery for many many years. I think that there may have been something with Bischoff that he wanted to prove or who was the boss… there was something that I didn’t catch onto that was circumstantial but I guess I was a part of the collateral damage between both of them and I just collected. I went, ‘Okay, I’ll use the small package if you want’ but I said ‘I want you to beat me up real bad the whole match’. But we had a great match.”