“I Want to Be the Second Coming of Seth” – Murphy Reveals Future Plans

The storyline between Seth Rollins and Murphy finally comes to an end this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

On After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves talked to Murphy and asked about his future plans once his feud with Rollins is over.

The former 205 Live star said that he might challenge for the Intercontinental Championship soon. He even showed interest in facing Dominick Mysterio, to which he referred as his brother-in-law, in WWE.

“As a fan, I was always a fan of the Intercontinental title, and Sami Zayn has it at the moment. So that could be fun, or even you know, my brother-in-law [Dominik Mysterio] maybe. Me and Dom could tag. I don’t know man, it’s an open book. I’m happy to do anything.”

Murphy further continued and said that he wants to be the next Seth Rollins and the best in the business.

“I wanna be the next him [Seth Rollins]. He’s done so much. Going back to his interviews, he goes he doesn’t want to be one of the best. He wants to be the best. Well so do I. The story’s real and I want to be the second coming of Seth.”