Ice Train Reveals the Reason Why Vince McMahon Never Made Scott Steiner a Big Superstar

Ice Train recently spoke to Sportskeeda’s Dr. Chris Featherstone. During their conversation, Train talked about Rick and Scott Steiner. He also revealed the reason why Scott never became a huge star in Vince McMahon’s WWE.

Explaining the situation, he said that Steiner would’ve been hard to deal with. Ice Train revealed that the Steiners were “kind of a real dudes” in wrestling and they wouldn’t tolerate “bull c***”.

“No. In order to be a big star, you got to, I mean, Steiners, Rick Steiner, awesome guy, Scott Steiner, awesome. One of the best tag teams ever in my generation, but I don’t know if Vince could have made Scotty a bigger star because I don’t know if Scotty could really deal with Vince. How about that one, because the Steiners are kind of a real dudes.”

“If you real with ’em, you get along with ’em, but if you got some bull c*** in your tank, them Steiners ain’t messing with you, man. They just straight-up dudes, country boys like me down here. They live five minutes from me to this day.”

The former WWE star then talked about Rick’s son Bronson Steiner and said that he is the next best thing in WWE. The NFL fullback recently gave a WWE tryout and it’s likely that the company will sign him in the future.