IIconics Back In Australia, Can’t Wait To Compete At Super Show-Down

The IIconics can’t wait to wrestle their first WWE match in their home country

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are set to face Asuka and Naomi in a tag team match at WWE Super Show-Down at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) this Saturday (Oct 6).

Speaking to ESPN ahead of Super Show-Down, the duo is excited to show their countrymen and women what they can do.

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“We grew up going to WWE shows in Sydney, so the fact we get to perform at one – and at the Super Show-Down at the MCG – it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Kay.

The IIconics also shared that, they had “goosebumps and butterflies” earlier that day when they drove past a place where their road to the WWE began.

The Rod Laver Arena stands near the MCG and is known for being a venue for the Australian Open but it has a more personal connotation for the IIconics.

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“We had our WWE try-out at Rod Laver Arena almost four years ago, so coming back here for the MCG show is such a full-circle moment for us,” said Kay.

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Kay and Royce had known each other in high school, both having attended Westfield Sports High School in Sydney. On-screen, this connection is played up as tight from the beginning, but according to the two that’s more kayfabe than reality.

“We knew each other, but we didn’t like each other. We were the two biggest wrestling fans at our school and there was this big rivalry of who was the bigger fan,” Kay explained.

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The two bonded in NXT though, and now, they bond over how much fun they have being heels.

“People always used to tell us we were so annoying, and we took it as a major compliment. We thought ‘how annoying can we be?’” added Kay.

Check out this WWE.com video showing the Ilconics visiting MCG: