Impact Injury Update: Heath Miller Diagnosed With Hernia, No Surgery Required

Impact Wrestling’s Heath Miller, who wrestled in WWE as Heath Slater, has provided an update on his health status after suffering a leg injury during Bound For Glory.

Miller was eliminated from the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match after getting injured delivering a kick. He was initially diagnosed as having a severe inguinal hernia.

Miller took to Instagram on Saturday, saying that he had seen a hernia specialist and gotten an official diagnosis of a partially torn abductor muscle and a “slight tear” at his groin.

“Luckily no surgery, just gotta suck it up and deal with the pain for a while,” wrote Miller. “Lots of rest, ice, physical therapy.”

No word on how long Miller will be out of action or if he might be appearing on Impact shows backstage to continue his storyline.

Miller had been released from WWE back in April. He approached Impact, through his former tag team partner Rhino, and the two attempted to get him signed by the company.

Rhino and Miller’s employment status eventually ended up hinging on the outcome of the gauntlet match. Rhino won the match, saving his job and earning Miller a contract. He now also has an opportunity to challenge for a championship of his choosing.