Impact Wrestler Eddie Edwards Gets His Face Smashed In A Botch

Impact wrestler Eddie Edwards got his face smashed with a baseball bat in a pro wrestling match. Even though it is often said that pro wrestling matches are scripted, it often feels too real. Eddie Edwards probably found it out the hard way when Sami Callihan, his ring opponent, brought down a baseball bat on his face which sent him to the hospital.

Live footage was captured and posted by TNT where it showed Callihan throwing a folding chair in the ring and then unfolding the chair onto Edward’s body. He was then supposed to hit the bat down on the chair and eventually crash the chair on Edwards, but it bounced off and collided with his face.

Edwards later tweeted that though his face and nose were broken, he was ok. He has also posted photos after the incident, showing the blow on his face and the bandage wraps. As per the doctors, he has a broken nose and a broken orbital bone, but he is lucky that his eyes were unharmed even after the incident.