Impact’s Heath Miller Set for Surgery This March

Impact Wrestling’s Heath Miller, formerly known as Heath Slater in WWE, has announced that he will be having surgery this March.

Back in October, Miller was injured during a “Call Your Shot” Battle Royale at the Impact Wrestling “Bound for Glory” event.

Miller was supposed to win the match and an employment contract with Impact, but the in-ring injury resulted in his friend Rhino winning the match and securing both his and Heath’s Impact jobs instead.

According to Miller, the surgery, scheduled for March 1, will fix two hernias, one on the left side of his pubic bone and another on the right side, as well as a rip on both sides of his abdomen wall, and his abductor muscle which was ripped completely off the bone.

According to Miller, the reason why it took so long for the surgery to be scheduled was that it had been difficult for him to find a doctor who was willing to fix all these issues at once.

He said he had been to three doctors in three months before finding the doctor he’s working with now. No official word as to when Miller will be able to return to in-ring competition.