Impressive AJ Styles Statistics Revealed Ahead Of Hell In A Cell

aj styles
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AJ Styles debuted in WWE back at The Royal Rumble in 2016 and over the past two and a half years, he has dominated the SmackDown brand and renamed himself The Face That Runs The Place.

Styles has been one of the main faces on The blue brand since The Brand Split back in the summer of 2016 and has held the WWE Championship since he defeated Jinder Mahal in the United Kingdom back in November.

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The former TNA star has been seen as one of the most familiar faces of the current generation and it’s hard to argue that given the statistics that back AJ’s WWE career up.

Not only has Styles already defended his Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura four times this year but he’s also faced the likes of Rusev and Samoa Joe, but no man has yet been able to take his title away.

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Ahead of his Championship match with Samoa Joe on Sunday night, Reddit user Tygrus has revealed that Styles has held Championship gold now for 56% of his WWE career, which shows how much the company has relied on the Georgia native.

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“His combined two reigns as WWE Champion are currently at 448 days, and his second reign, at 308 days, is the longest since CM Punk’s record-setting reign over five years ago. (It’s a shame Styles’ achievement is being overshadowed thanks to Brock’s huge reign as Universal champ.) But in between those two reigns, he held the United States title twice for a combined total of 91 days.

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“So out of 964 days on the roster, he’s held gold around his waist for a grand total of 539 days. 56% of his tenure. For comparison’s sake, John Cena’s WWE career is roughly 5,920 days, and he’s held gold of some kind (WWE, World Heavyweight, US, and Tags) for a grand total of 1,881 days, which equates to 31.77% of his time on the roster. An impressive feat in its own right.”