Who Is Inducting Goldberg Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Goldberg being part of the WWE Hall Of Fame could not be happening at a better time. We think that you could make an argument that his comeback is one of the greatest of all time. Especially when you consider how things went during his first WWE run. He had a real redemption his second time around and the fans ate it all up!

Of course, once a huge star like Goldberg is announced, fans wonder who is going to induct him. With a guy like Goldberg, you would think people like Hulk Hogan (very unlikely) Sting, Kevin Nash or maybe Eric Bischoff. However, on a recent PWInsider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson said that one name that is being talked about is Paul Heyman…. Apart from the feud that Goldberg had with Brock Lesnar, this really does not make much sense at all.

While it may not make much sense, I think most fans would agree that without a doubt Paul Heyman if he is the guy (would that make Goldberg a Paul Heyman guy?) he will give Goldberg one hell of an introduction speech.