Injured Raw Superstar Updates Interesting Image Ahead Of Return

Fandango has been on the injured list for the past few months after suffering a torn left labrum back in July which came at the perfect time since he wasn’t really being used over on Raw.

Fandango has been overlooked on the main roster for most of his run but most recently he has been teaming with Tyler Breeze as the Fashion Police, who have been making up the numbers in both the SmackDown and Raw tag team divisions.

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Breeze has since returned to NXT since there is nothing for him to do on the main roster without his Tag Team partner, but it appears that Fandango has been favoring quite well when it comes to his rehab ahead of his return.

The former NXT star recently updated his Twitter to show that he is looking huge after his surgery and could take up a very different place on the roster when he does make his return.

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The most obvious place for Fandango to make his return would be as part of The Royal Rumble which is set to take place in January.

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The 37-year-old has been through a number of changes as part of his main roster career, but this could well be the perfect time for him to change his character and once again be given the push in WWE for perhaps the final time.

The usual time on the sidelines following an injury of this type is around eight months which means that Fandango could be set to make his return in the build-up to next year’s WrestleMania, but if he’s ahead of schedule then WWE could well test him out as part of The Royal Rumble if he is only given a small spot in the annual match.