Injured WWE Star Shows That He’s Been Putting The Time In At The Gym

Samir Singh
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Samir Singh was sidelined through injury ahead of this year’s Royal Rumble and Jinder Mahal has been forced to continue his storyline with just Sunil Singh over the past few months. Samir was injured as part of a ringside brawl with Bobby Roode back in January and it was later reported that it was a torn ACL that would require surgery.

The former NXT star recently shared the following update after even months on the sidelines, which shows that he has definitely been putting the hours in at the gym.

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Samir’s update proves that he is close to returning to the ring and it’s thought that this could be just in time since Mahal was forced to miss this year’s SummerSlam and is now being used as a jobber on the RAW brand.

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Mahal needs a character change or he needs to revert back to the Modern Day Maharaja if he is hoping to make any kind of impact with the WWE Universe in the coming months.

Samir is looking fantastic and could definitely be hinting that he will be joining Jinder in WWE once again soon. He is now a good few months into his recovery from surgery and stated himself that the road to recovery is a long one, but his recent results are ones that WWE will definitely be happy with.

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One half of The Singh Brothers stated that he was happy with his check in results this past week which means that a return could be right around the corner, but obviously this is dependent on whether or not WWE is prepared to clear him and if the company currently has a place for him to fit in on the RAW brand.

Jinder Mahal was a SmackDown superstar when Samir was injured and right now he doesn’t currently have a brand since he wasn’t part of the brand switch with the former WWE Champion a few months ago.