Is The Undertaker Hinting That He Wants A Rematch With John Cena?

The Undertaker
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The Undertaker is the biggest legend that WWE have right now, who is able to make a return to the company for a number of marquee matches.

The one match that many of the WWE Universe wanted to see, was against John Cena back at WrestleMania, but it ended up being the shortest match on the show and seemed to set up well for a rematch in the future.

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The Undertaker has been rumored to be part of SummerSlam next weekend where he could have faced John Cena once again, but given the fact that the show is merely a week away it’s unlikely that the match could actually take place now.

Undertaker and Cena are both scheduled to be part of the show in Australia on October 6th and could easily set up a match between themselves at Survivor Series the following month, which is obviously the event where Undertaker made his WWE debut back in 1990 and has been one of his favorite shows over the years.

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Undertaker joined Instagram a few weeks ago and even though the conversation about The Deadman has seemingly gone stale over the past few days, he updated a picture of himself and John Cena on Instagram earlier today and it has made many of the WWE Universe believe that he is hinting that he wants a rematch.

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There is just one episode of RAW left ahead of SummerSlam and if WWE wanted to set up the match between Undertaker and Cena then it would have to be as part of the go-home episode, but since neither star are expected to be there, it’s likely that this match will take place at Survivor Series now instead.