Is WWE Blaming Jinder Mahal For A Lackluster Feud With Roman Reigns?

jinder mahal
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Jinder Mahal was heading into a marquee match with the WWE Championship around his waist at SummerSlam last year, but this year the former United States Champion hasn’t even been given a match.

Mahal’s most recent appearance on WWE TV was this past week on RAW when he won his match with Braun Strowman via count-out since he was being used as a pawn in the feud between Strowman and Kevin Owens.

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Mahal isn’t connecting with the WWE Universe with his new character and it’s thought that the company has pulled back on their push for the Indian star because of the way his feud with Roman Reigns ended.

Many fans believed that Mahal had been relegated because of the fact that the company’s potential expansion in India failed, but according to PWMania, WWE officials held a meeting following Mahal’s match against Reigns at Money In The Bank in June and decided that the match was a disaster.

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Officials took the blame for pairing Reigns with Mahal, who they thought would have been a believable opponent for the former Shield Member, but The Modern Day Maharaja himself is also shouldering a lot of the blame because he was unable to establish himself as a main event level performer despite how much the company has invested in him.

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It is unknown what this means for Mahal at present, but the former WWE Champion is currently scheduled to be watching SummerSlam from home.

With just two episodes of RAW left until the biggest event of the summer, Mahal is yet to be given a match and hasn’t picked up a feud leading into the show either.