Is WWE Planning To Add Another Huge Match To SummerSlam?

Elias hasn’t featured on WWE TV much since he was defeated by Seth Rollins back at Money In The Bank in their Intercontinental Championship match. His new documentary and EP were recently released, which has given WWE a reason to push The Drifter on WWE TV once again.

This week on Raw, he was interrupted by Bobby Lashley, who only recently lost the opportunity to fight Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship when he was beaten by Roman Reigns.

Even though their interaction started off as a friendly one and led to Lashley and Elias actually singing together, when his back was turned, Elias attacked him from behind. Lashley was then able to fight back and delivered a thunderous belly to belly suplex to send Elias packing.

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Lashley has no feud moving forward into one of the biggest events of the year, now that he’s out of the Universal Championship picture and Elias’ lack of time on screen over the past month has meant that he has been unable to pick up a feud heading into The Biggest party of The Summer as well, so this could be WWE’s way of setting up something for both men in the coming weeks.

PWInsider is now reporting that WWE could be planning to add another huge match to an already stacked SummerSlam card since Elias and Lashley have already laid down the groundwork for what could be an interesting feud.

The issue here is the fact that Elias is on a roll both inside and outside of the company and Lashley has recently dropped down the ranks after he was defeated by Reigns, so the outcome of this match will definitely cause the creative team a few headaches.