Is WWE SmackDown on FOX No Longer a PG Show?

Ever since WWE became a publicly traded company, it entered what some fans call the “PG Era”. This meant that WWE live shows, including Raw and SmackDown, have allegedly been toned down in order to meet standards to be classified as PG television shows.

Now, some eagle-eyed WWE fans are reporting that the PG era in WWE might be at an end, at least on SmackDown on Fox. is reporting that viewers of this Friday’s episode of SmackDown saw a change in the show’s rating. According to them, the rating of last Friday’s SmackDown was TV-14, not TV-PG.

While some fans did capture proof of that change, there has been no official announcement and Paul Davis has reported that cable guides still have SmackDown listed as a TV-PG show.

While fans might be clamoring for a return to more mature WWE storylines, WWE has been adamant that they still feel the need to be “family-friendly”. Just this year, Vince McMahon took a shot at AEW by saying that WWE would not become about “blood and guts.”

There’s also the possibility that the higher rating was an error or that it was a “one night thing” brought about by a particular segment on last night’s SmackDown.