We will be honest and say that this is one rumor we are actually pretty surprised came to be true, but Je double F Ja double R e double T is in part of the Hall Of Fame 2018 class.

Out of all the wrestlers Vince McMahon has had issues with, Jeff Jarrett seemed to be the one that would never be allowed back in. To be fair, creating TNA and Global Force Wrestling kept him busy during his near two decades away from the WWE so it is not like Jeff Jarrett has been desperate for work.

Many people have come out to say how thrilled they are with this news. Triple H posted a very nice and fitting Tweet about this news and other people like Gail Kim, Impact Wrestling and even David Arquette posted tributes about Jeff Jarrett.

He was part of the New Generation, The Attitude Era, WCW, Impact Wrestling and countless other aspects of the wrestling business so he is a very fitting wrestler to be part of this years Hall Of Fame class. He could be in there on his WWE work along, but Jeff Jarrett has done far more than that and it is good to see people talking about that too.