“It Was an Adventure Back Then” – Jon Moxley Talks About Traveling With The Shield

Jon Moxley was the first guest on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions and he talked about a lot of things. 

The AEW Champion talked about his time in WWE and how it was like traveling with his Shield brothers. Moxley said that most of the days he used to travel and got very little time to be at home. He also said that he had a great time traveling with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. 

“Those first couple of years, me and The Shield were on the road every week for two years straight – be home for 36 hours. I wouldn’t even go home. I would just go to the next town because of going to [my home in] Vegas and turning right back around. I didn’t mind. It was an adventure back then. I was having a great time,” said Moxley.

In the end, Moxley talked about his in-ring career and said that in a year or two, he’d decide what’s best for his career.

“To answer your question [if he’ll keep wrestling], I’m going to reevaluate in the next year or two, see where I’m at, and just kind of make a plan from there.”