“It’s Awesome Working With Him in-ring” – Murphy Talks About Rey Mysterio

2020 was the best year for Murphy, who had just recently betrayed his mentor Seth Rollins on Friday Night SmackDown. It was during a match between Rollins and Rey Mysterio that The Disciple decided to turn his back on Seth.

He then went on to beat him next week on SmackDown in a singles match. Recently, Murphy was a guest on After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves and he talked about his experience of sharing the ring with Rey Mysterio.

“It’s awesome working with him in-ring, and it’s awesome to get in there with Dom. Obviously, he’s so new to all of this and he holds his own, he listens. Man, it’s fun. Being there with Rey is fun anyway because you’re in there with Rey. But being in there with Dom is like another learning curve and makes you better. It’s a challenge and challenges are fun.”

“And the whole storyline, obviously it’s gone for a long, long time. There have been hiccups in there and whatnot, but I feel like it’s because people aren’t used to having something go for so, so long.

The former 205 Live superstar was handpicked by Paul Heyman to receive a huge push on Monday Night Raw and even after Heyman lost his job as the Executive Director, WWE continued to feature Murphy. It seems like the higher-ups in WWE are also in favor of pushing him.