James Ellsworth Is Fired From SmackDown Live

James Ellsworth
Image via pwmania.com

James Ellsworth was released from WWE last year when it was made evident that Carmella didn’t need him by her side anymore since he had already helped her to win the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank contract. The current SmackDown Women’s Champion was then able to cash in her contract and win the title all on her own before she came up against her biggest test in the form of  Asuka at Money in the Bank.

Shockingly, James Ellsworth made his return to WWE to distract The Empress of Tomorrow and help Carmella retain her Women’s Championship. It was well-known that Ellsworth was on a short-term deal with WWE and wasn’t working any live events alongside his TV appearances, but it was thought that he would at least stick around to help Carmella against Becky Lynch, who he definitely has history with.

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Last night on SmackDown Live, Ellsworth made a point of interrupting General Manager Paige’s announcement surrounding the WWE Championship match at SummerSlam and whilst James did have a theory about why he should be the one challenging Styles since he has already defeated the WWE Champion three times, The British star wasn’t prepared to hear it.

Ellsworth went on to insult her sense of style and her accent before she responded by telling him that he was fired from the company and then had two security men then pick him up and carry him out of the building. It is unknown if this is the last we will see of James Ellsworth on SmackDown Live, he’s a character that Carmella can always call upon if needed, so it’s thought that his face could pop up on TV again in the not too distant future.