James Ellsworth Reveals Nixed Plans for His WWE Return

James Ellsworth made headlines all over the world when he was added to WWE’s roster following the reaction to his match with Braun Strowman.

Ellsworth later joined a storyline with Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles before being aligned with Carmella. The star was later fired from the company by SmackDown General Manager Paige back in 2018.

Ellsworth was later spotted on WWE.com as part of an exclusive video for SmackDown 1000 where he claimed that he was supposed to be part of the show.

Ellsworth recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet where he expanded on this claim and revealed that he was originally set to face Daniel Bryan and win his job back with WWE.

“My last appearance there, I did a WWE.com exclusive for SmackDown 1000. Originally, I was supposed to wrestle Daniel Bryan that night on that show, and AJ was supposed to be the referee. They were going to do to Daniel Bryan what Daniel did to AJ, where he made Dean Ambrose the referee and I wrestled AJ,” revealed Ellsworth.

“If I won the match–because a couple of weeks prior, Paige fired me on SmackDown. That was my time, so if I were to win the match, I would get my job back. And AJ’s the referee. You get to the building and plans change. I just wanted to wrestle Daniel Bryan again because I respect him so much.”