James Ellsworth Talks About How Chris Jericho Helped Him Get Hired By WWE

Former WWE wrestler James Ellsworth recently gave an interview to Lucha Libre Online. Among other things, Ellsworth talked about former AEW Champion Chris Jericho and how he helped him get hired by WWE.

Ellsworth revealed that although Vince had seen something in him from the get-go, it was Jericho who pushed the boss to sign him.

Yeah, absolutely. Like I said, Vince McMahon saw something in me right away, but Chris really push for me. He got me on Talk is Jericho. He told me a few times that he called the writers and Dave Kapoor, great writer there, and said man, you guys want to hire this guy, he’s got something and at the end of the day was Vince’s call, but Jericho definitely helped me up a bunch”

“I’m still friends with Chris to this day. Every now and then I’ll text him and I owe him a lot. He really pushed for me and helped me and I’m just so grateful for him. Absolutely.

In the same interview, Ellsworth revealed that he was grateful for getting the spot at WrestleMania. He also praised AJ Styles and called him the best wrestler in the world. Ellsworth currently performs in the independent wrestling circuit.